Commercial maritime operators and crew know the importance of adapting to changes to stay competitive. Never before have technology and SATCOM connectivity linking ships at sea to shore been so influential in their ability to leverage the efficiency of a globally networked workforce.

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Today, the biggest change the maritime industry faces is in the realm of technology. Where once it was enough to have an onboard satellite communications system for occasional or emergency use, today it’s a business necessity to have 24/7 broadband connectivity to operate a vessel efficiently and effectively and to leverage a globally networked workforce.

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  • Top considerations when selecting a SATCOM solution
  • Critical questions you must ask your hardware and services vendor(s)

* Webinar archive and slide deck available
Developing efficiencies and creating competitive advantages are the mounting business requirements driving investment in IT&C technology within the maritime industry. Learn how onboard satellite communications integration sets off an operational efficiency ripple effect throughout the organization, ranging from IT security, onboard logistics, and regulatory compliance, to environmental issues, and employee retention and attraction.

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  • Key drivers in today's new economic model
  • How onboard connectivity affects various parts of the business
  • Addressing future challenges and globalization

* Webinar archive and slide deck available
As your business depends more and more on your onboard connectivity and network, you need a strong process model and best practices to ease the complexity before, during, and after a satellite communications deployment.

View the web recording to learn:

  • Best practices for deploying and operating a maritime SATCOM & network management solution
  • How best-in-class maritime companies V.Ships and Vroon have managed their projects

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