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Download the Guide to learn:

  • Ways to address the increasing demands for data while managing Internet and voice access between operations and crew

  • What new broadband connectivity and content delivery technologies are available to enable you to meet the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 regulations
  • What impact does the expectation of "always-on" Internet and voice communications hold for the future of the shipping industry 

A Guide to Meeting Key Requirements of MLC-2006:
Communications, Entertainment, Training, Telemedicine



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How will new broadband technologies help maritime organizations address operational and crew welfare needs?

Maritime industry experts predict a significant rise in data usage quotas in order for maritime operations to meet MLC-2006 requirements, retain crew, and boost morale. Ship managers and operators already struggling with today’s difficult economic climate worry about the additional costs – particularly if they still are facing the high airtime costs associated with legacy satellite communications systems.

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